RiVazi Summer 2014 Jewelry Collection

The perfect solution for an exclusive taste

RiVazi Silver Jewelry Cleaner

The perfect solution in keeping your silver

jewelry maintains it's brilliant shine and color.

Give the perfect gift this Valentine's Day

Make this Valentine's Day

a one to remember...

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RiVazi 24K Gold Plated Trio Flash Charm Bracelet

RiVazi Trio Flash

Full 24K Gold Plated & Sterling Silver Bracelet

RiVazi Two Tone Trio Flash Charm Bracelet

RiVazi Two Tone Trio Flash

Combination of 24K Gold Plated Silver & Sterling Silver

RiVazi QUATTRO Charm Bracelet

RiVazi QUATTRO Flash

All about grabbing attention

RiVazi SPARTA European Charm Bracelet


Premium handmade glass work beads with 925 Italian Silver

RiVazi Pearl Charm Bracelet

RiVazi Pearl

brilliant deep color and contrast

RiVazi 24K Gold Plated European Charm Bracelet

24K Gold Plated

Brilliant RiVazi 24K Gold & Plated Silver Bracelet

RiVazi Shiraz Gold Foil Bracelet

Shiraz Gold Foil Silver Bracelet

Sterling Silver & Shiraz Gold Foil

RiVazi Turquoise Bracelet

Rare Turquoise Set

Sterling Silver & Turquoise

RiVazi Mediterranea Bracelet

Mediterranea Sea Bracelet

Sterling Silver & Blue Agate Stones

RiVazi Black for Men

RiVazi Black Bracelet

Introducing RiVazi for Men

RiVazi Brown Gold Stone Bracelet

RiVazi Brown Gold Stone Bracelet

Silver & Brown Gold Stones.

RiVazi Blue gold Stone set

RiVazi Blue Gold Stone Set

Sterling Silver & Blue Gold Stone Bracelet and Earrings set

Authentic RiVazi Bracelets

The RiVazi Story

Hand made with passion