Selecting the Right Bracelet Size

When it comes to bracelet sizes there are normally two types of bracelets; fixed and adjustable. If you are unsure about what size bracelet you should get, adjustable bracelets offer multiple connections that takes the guess work out.  At RiVazi we offer most of our Stone bracelets as adjustable bracelets. If you are planning to get a gift and are unsure about the size, adjustable bracelets might be the right choice. If you like a bracelet that is not adjustable it might help to know that 7” is the average bracelet size for ladies and 8” is the average bracelet size for men bracelets.

There are a couple of options that you have when it comes to selecting the right RiVazi bracelet size.  If you are unsure about your wrist size or bracelet size but own other bracelets, it might be a good idea to simply measure the bracelet that you currently own by a ruler.  Make sure to measure the bracelet from where you normally connect the two sides together. In most cases this is the fill length of the bracelet, but with bracelets that are adjustable you want to make sure to measure the from connection to connection.


Measure Your Wrist

If you don’t have a bracelet near, just measure your wrist using a flexible tape measure.  You want to keep the tape measure snug to your wrist, but not too tight. You can also use a string, or a paper towel if you do not have a flexible measuring tape. Once you have wrapped the string around your wrist you can use a ruler to measure the string.

 Wrist Size + 1” = Bracelet Size

Once you have your wrist size just add 1” to that measure to come up with your bracelet size. If you had measured your wrist to be 6”, you should choose bracelets that are 7” to best fit your wrist.  Purchasing a bracelet that is the same size, as your wrist will be too tight and might not even close. Please note that these are just some tips and guide in finding the right bracelet size. There are some exceptions.