What's my initial?


Here are some tips in choosing the right Persian Initial.

  • Use the pronunciation of your name rather than the spelling.
    • ex. Christine is pronounced with a "K"


  • There can be more than one Persian Initial for an English Initial
    • ex. the sound "S" can be written with 4 Persian letters; "Se", "Sin", "Shin", or "Sud"
    • In this case pick the one you like most.


  • 32 Vs. 28; There are more letters in Persian than English
    • ex. there is a letter , "Shin", that represents the "sh" sound.
    • In this case if your name is pronounced with the "sh" sound, there is one match the "Shin", not the Sud/ Sin/ or Se.


  • Still Confused?
    • email us your name here and we will tell you what letter is a match!