RiVazi Coal

It's time to experience hookah in a new way.

Rivazi Coal with it's sleek modern design is a new hookah that takes advantage of different materials with some innovative designs that not only looks awesome but very functional for a better hookah experience. The RiVazi Coal is made out of primarily Aluminum and Copper,  not just for an industrial sexy look but also some heat conductivity characteristics. 

RiVazi Coal Modern Hookah.jpg
RiVazi Coal - Plate Holder.jpg

Modern Sleek Design

Hookahs come from old traditions but the designs have not changed with times. RiVazi Coal gives the traditional Hookah a brand new sleek design to fit the modern world. Same traditional roots with inspirational modern industrial design.   

RiVazi Coal - Top Plate.jpg

No more Aluminum Foil

Traditionally aluminum foil was used to cover the bowl but not for RiVazi Coal. We use high grade Copper reusable plate with perfect precision CNC cut holes for a no haste setup. Add you shisha, place the copper plate on top and place your coal right on top. No more looking for aluminum foil, cutting, poking holes, and stretching over bowl.  

RiVazi Coal Body.jpg
RiVazi Coal Connector.jpg
RiVazi Coal Aluminum Hookah Bowl.jpg
RiVazi Coal Modern Industrial Hookah

Made to order
Current lead time: 6 Weeks